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About KHC Ambulatory Surgery Consulting Services

Kelley Healthcare Consulting is fully equipped to create, implement, and monitor quality assessment and process improvement programs, including but not limited to infection control programs, life safety and facilities management activities, credentialing and privileging process, Governing Body and committee meeting prep and execution, accreditation and regulatory authority filing and preparation. A comprehensive regulatory compliance review is available for those seeking to assess prospects for acquisition with a thoughtful due diligence process. All backed by seasoned healthcare administrators and clinical nurse leaders.

KHC Ambulatory Surgery Consulting Services


Perioperative Consulting

A comprehensive review of the perioperative process within the organization, identifying possible solutions to magnify efficiency, risk management and staff and provider satisfaction.


Regulatory Compliance Review and Resolution

A thorough review of current practice against federal and state standards of care and conditions for coverage, identifying solutions and providing a roadmap to execute recommendations.


Policy Development

Examination of current policies and procedures against regulatory agencies and professional associations, providing recommendations for amendments or new policy creation and management as well as guided implementation and staff deployment.


Implementation Support

Providing support and development of strategies to start a new service line, open an additional OR, or even start a new surgery center. Cost and resource forecasting, case volume assessment and support before, during and after go-live.


Interim Leadership

Providing clinical or non-clinical leadership during times of transitions while the ideal candidate can be recruited. The interim leader will also complete a transition dashboard that can be provided to the new recruit as a part of this service.


Due Diligence Review

A complete review of the necessary components needed to aid in the decision to buy or build an ambulatory surgical center from a clinical operations and risk management perspective. With the use of proprietary assessment tools, an easy to digest report can be provided with associated cost analysis.


Kelley Healthcare Consulting

It is the mission of Kelley Healthcare Consulting to eliminate the administrative burden of clinical leaders within the Ambulatory Surgery care environment. Kelley Healthcare Consulting is committed to a thorough and efficient response to aid in areas of administrative need by fostering a collaborative environment for ambulatory surgery centers,  and their leadership.  Kelley Healthcare Consulting is a faith-based organization, and its vision is to always practice with transparency, kindness and respect in its efforts.

Who we serve


Physician owners

KHC is prepared to assist physician owners in their existing centers or those exploring the options buy or build an ambulatory surgical facility.


Healthcare Leaders

Existing leaders are overwhelmed with the administrative burden that is present in the ASC environment. KHC is ready and available to provide solutions that can ease this workload.


Acquisition Teams

Due diligence during the discovery phase of a potential acquisition can be a daunting task. Let KHC do the heavy lifting when it comes to reviewing clinical operational effectiveness of an ASC, then let us bring you solutions.

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